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Saturday 10th November

FAUXE’s music is a mixture of South-East Asian inspired beats with new sampled heavy material.

The language around dance music is scientific and ideological – therefore, stale and dead. And because that is the new normal, FAUXE is an anomaly. The inmates run the asylum and he’s the sniper perched atop the tallest spire. In the battleground that is contemporary music – the output and the experience of it – FAUXE’s music is a challenge.

His is a revolution that doesn’t bother with TV airtime because, if you get it, you’re touched by the care, intimacy and idiosyncrasy that underpin his craft. Reaching the critical mass is not his aim; nothing in his catalogue says “I want you to like me”. But neither is it manifestly combative.

Its essence springs from motive and devotion. To a way of life that can best be honoured by sound.

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