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The Rusty Nails Sideshow

The Rusty Nails Sideshow

Saturday 26th November & Sunday 27th November

The Rusty Nails Sideshow are Australia’s freshest sideshow ensemble. Consisting of three of the best sideshow artists on the planet – escape artist Captain Ruin, contortionist Rubby Rubberlegs and “the modern godfather of Australian Sidehow” Shep Huntly present a unique blend of extreme acts that are the perfect cocktail of quirky, thrilling, gasp-inducing and side-splitting. Your eyes will be popping out of your head and you will be dreaming of running away to join the circus after this encounter!

Shep Huntly is the modern godfather of Australian Sideshow. As a founding member of The Happy Sideshow he is largely responsible for establishing and popularising sideshow as a performance genre throughout Australia. Shep has spent the last 20 years travelling the globe spreading the gospel of Sideshow. He has performed his original Sideshow stunts in 26 countries, in stadiums in front of 20,000 people and in tiny tents for ten people at a time. He has starred in four separate shows at The Sydney Opera House, graced the stage of the National Theatre in London and made numerous TV appearances. His stunts are designed to shock and amaze, but they are done with such poise, wit and slick professionalism they become almost inspirational.

Captain Ruin is a punk rock daredevil who specialises in death defying escapes, pain proof sideshow stunts, knife-throwing, dynamic event hosting and the acrobatic circus arts. Born with a silver tongue and a golden smile, his outrageous antics will make sure your night is one to remember! Known as “Australia’s Harry Houdini”, he likes fast music, fast motorcycles and bad ideas!

Ruby Rubberlegs is one of Australia’s most loveable circus/variety artists. A physical comedian who oozes absurdist charm as she walks a fine line between mind-blowing skills and being completely ridiculous. With over 20 years experience performing in more than 32 countries Rani has also presented her physical comedy and contortion acts in various movies and TV shows including, Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage, Jackie Chan’s Police Story 4: Last Strike, Abc’s The Side Show, T’V’s Night at the Memo… to name a few.

Ruby Rubberlegs is a human rag doll with rubber limbs who twists, bends, contorts and folds her body into impossible proportions in a see-thru glass box for all to see, it simply must be seen to be believed, even after you see it, it’s still hard to believe!

Suitable for Under 18s with parental supervision

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