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Superhero Budget Cut Workshop

Superhero Budget Cut Workshop

by The Busybodies

Do we all need saving? Of course! Saving $$$! Even the most stylish iconic super heroes have gone through multiple costume changes over the years, starting from the very first costume they made themselves to conceal their constructed identity.

By deconstructing the existing store bought costumes of super heroes, the workshop performance seeks to inspire the participants to DIY their own super hero character with limited budget, resources and limited changing time because there’s someone out there waiting to be saved!

Participant Criteria: Catered for participants between all ages above 4 years old, adult supervision below 10. All materials supplied. Limited places available, first come, first saved!

The Busybodies
“Let’s understand The Busybodies. It is so easy to misunderstand the word ‘busybodies’. Stand up. Let’s put on a show! Let’s do something! Let’s think! Let’s do something great! Let’s accomplish something. Everything! Let’s forget the pain. Let’s stop doing what is not worth doing. Let’s overdo! Let’s do it gracefully! Let’s work it out! Let’s work it! Let’s show flavour! Let’s sweep! Let’s shovel! Let’s shuffle and dance! Let’s study! You must study. You must! Let’s live in love. Let’s live. Let’s get busy! Let’s ransack the wardrobe! Let’s change! Let’s battle Superman and see who’s faster! Don’t wear your underwear on the outside. Let’s run outside! Let’s get busy doing so many things in our heads. Let’s head out! Let’s bring out all our toys. Let’s talk to the toys! Let the toys talk. Let the boys walk. Let’s dance! Let’s mind us but forget us. That’s what it means to be a busybody.”

The Busybodies conducts art workshops, makes noises, dance in public and attend funerals.

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