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Stephanie Dogfoot

Stephanie Dogfoot
And heaven is a place where you can never find your cigarettes

Saturday 26th November

In 2013 Stephanie Dogfoot’s student visa expired and after eight years of studying/living/laughing/loving/hating/ sleeping (around)/drinking/learning to smoke/etc. in various countries (don’t judge), she found herself on a plane Back To Singapore. This is her attempt to make sense of what happened next: a series of strange adventures somehow always involving whatsapp groups and 1AM ice limau. Part confessional, part myth, this story which answers hard questions like, what does it mean to come home after you’ve found home in other places? Why is this country so ridiculous? Is it pronounced ‘utopia’ or ‘dystopia’? Where are my cigarettes? And what the hell is yong tau foo really made of?

Stephanie Dogfoot has performed in 11 different countries, including the Glastonbury Festival and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. She won the 2010 Singapore National Poetry Slam Championships and the 2012 UK Poetry Slam Championships, and has represented both countries in international and regional poetry slams. She wrote and performed in a one-woman poetry show about activism and identity called Foreigner Go Home (With Me!), which premiered at the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival in 2012. Her poetry has been published in QLRS, Griffith Review, The Asian Literary Review and various anthologies. She is part of the Sekaliwags, a feminist spoken word collective which has performed at the Singapore Writers Festival and the Lit Up Festival. She also hosts and organizes the Singapore Story Slam, a monthly poetry event called SPEAK.

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