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Scene Conversation

Scene Conversation
by NIL

Saturday 26th November & Sunday 27th November

A group of subcultural kids gather in a circle and speak about what subculture means to them; what resonates with them and akin to forum theater will welcome questions from the floor and react accordingly.

Two DJs will accentuate this performance lecture playing music off their turntables to fit the mood, and this will end in a bit of a tea party.

What is it like to live in Singapore really? Is it all efficiency, business and safe living? Are all music in pubs full of cover bands playing top 40 hits? Do we do anything beyond shopping? Did you know there is another way of life here, where people are real, have some semblance of soul and living years upon years in another way that doesn’t fit the agenda of the en masse? Subcultures; from the modrockers to the skankers, to the garage rockers to the eccentric noisemakers. We exist and have been existing for quite a while. How do we live within the context of capitalist Singapore? Did we ever tell you how fun it is being part of this “scene”?

Drop by The Nest during Neon Lights Festival for Scene Conversation, a performance lecture featuring Shai, Vanessa Victoria, Nina, Shain and also appearances by Norah Modswing and Man Cesspit! Soundtracks to the party by DJ Bastard DJ and DJ Ras Irie.

DJ Bastard lives in a flat and plays garage, rock and roll and punk. DJ Ras Irie lives in a shophouse and plays reggae, ska and dub. Shain speaks of emotive post hardcore and has a similar outlook of life. Vanessa Victoria is a firm believer of feminism and gender equality. Nina is a film enthusiast who speaks her mind animatedly about all that moves and breathes.

Norah is the brainchild of the Modswing Singapore editions and has held it together in recent years. Man plays in long running ska band Cesspit and does fantasic screen prints. Shai just knows everyone and puts things together.

Together they don’t form a collective, nor do they have a united opinion. What they do is form a wall of opinion, sound and aesthetics, representing the very subcultures that deserve validation here in this first world city of Singapore, as a means of alternative living and even to some degree an antithesis of this progress not everyone agreed to.

As it was once said; fight for your right to party!

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