"Neon Lights was an all round immersive and engaging creative journey" - The Business Times



Saturday 26th November & Sunday 27th November

:Samara is a stunning 3metre wooden sculpture symbolizing a tree, with 80 suspended illuminated tear drop shaped seeds. The tree and the seeds are illuminated form the inside wit RGB LEDs, creating organic, undulating colorful patterns and animations. The audience is encouraged to paint the tree in their own colours through an interactive touch screen, that allows control over the tree’s animated lights.

Inspired by the loss of the artist’s favourite tree, :Samara reflects on the duality of progress and sacrifice. What are we willing to give to advance? Do we sometimes regret accepting the cost of progress? :Samara invites us to reflect on the authenticity of using modern technology to recreate what we lose in our fast changing environment. At the same time it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and let go of these losses.

Max Pagel is a German computer scientist who relocated to Singapore in 2012. Max creates interactive illuminated installations by embracing the latest advances in fabrication, like 3D printing and laser cutting; paired with his in-depth knowledge of sensor networks and software programming. Max’s works have been featured in recent years at Singapore Night Festival and Singapore Design week.

Jonathan Hwang is a freelance illustrator, sculptor, writer and gallerist. Jonathan draws his inspiration from both nature and science. His diverse range of interests often finds him dabbling in both art and technology, and :Samara will provide the perfect fusion of both worlds.

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