"Two days of boundary-burning music and art performance, Neon Lights brings to mind the muddy banks of Glastonbury" - Timeout Singapore

Lion Steppaz Sound

Lion Steppaz Sound

Sunday 27th November

Lion Steppaz Sound system is the first specially-made reggae sound system in Singapore founded by Yooh the Vibration, Selector Ken and Darren Dubwise in May, 2015.

After Yooh and Ken came to Singapore from Japan, they launched monthly reggae party and had been gaining reputations in the local underground music scene. But always had this thought in mind - reggae party with no good sound system? That’s “no no”. So they decided. Within next few months, they finished making sounds system with the help of Darren Dubwise, co-founder of a local Singaporean independent record label and one of the most beloved DJs in the scene.

From roots reggae to rock steady, dancehall to dubstep, whatever the music they play, wherever that is and whoever you are, they will make sure to keep you bounce all night. Even though you don’t feel like dancing, the sound will vibrate your body and you will need to dance!

This is passa passa in Singapore. They will bring you street vibes. If you want something new and different, you should experience them.

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