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CUT & PASTE Mayhem Workshop

CUT & PASTE Mayhem Workshop

Cap Merah

Sunday 27th November

Cut & Paste as an art form was a prominent art form in the alternative subcultures of the 80s and 90s, often seen in flyers and the tape/vinyl releases of bands.

From a necessary appropriation for those of us who weren’t too good in fine art, this translated into a form per se and post Millenia cut and paste as an art form got its validation in various computer design programs and recent apps.

We take you back to the real deal with a workshop-interactive using real paper, scissors, glue and lots of recycled newspapers / magazines along with a copier- printer that hopefully doesn’t get too cranky.

Lets have some fun cutting and pasting!

For a full four hours, CAP Merah will appropriate a printer / copier, paper, scissors, glue, tape, recycled magazines, tables and chairs and access to power (provided by Neon Lights).

The collective will then reach out to any interested individual and then conduct in real time how to do a simple cut and paste flyer / picture / zine.

Participants can then bring their work home, or leave it behind for us to archive.

CAP MERAH are four bespectacled dudes, sometimes joined by their friends, or replaced by their friends; but based on the core four nonetheless.

All are naughty sexy subculture kids; one is known for having strong opinions on the validity of subcultures in Singapore, another is a brilliant peg in all of his bands, another meddles with circuits and sound and loves power electronics while another screams in a few bands.

All of them are also known to put on shows and are producers of their own craft from text to sound to video.

Flag bearers of the DIY ethic, collectively they all appreciate cut and paste as an artform; thus explaining their role in CAP MERAH and the Cut & Paste Mayhem programmes.